Subreddit: r/shouldiquitresidency

You can message me directly at u/MD_support, post a question for the community, or share a resources/experiences/advice!

My goal is to support residents who are considering quitting

Please reach out if you’d like to chat or if you have any ideas on how I can improve the site. This can include:

  • New questions I haven’t answered (or old questions I can elaborate on)
  • Additional considerations before making your final decision
  • Options other than quitting residency (e.g. more information on how transferring residencies works)
  • Ways to tip The Scale to make it worth finishing residency (i.e. decrease cost or increase desire)
  • Resources you found especially helpful, whether I already listed them or not
  • How you found the site. If you just Googled, then what keywords you used. Or more importantly, what keywords you wish would have brought you here. I’d like to reach as many residents as possible!