About Me

I’m a former PGY2 in pediatrics, I just quit in Spring 2021 (you can read my whole story here). After I quit, I moved back to my hometown with my fiance, got my Virginia medical license, and started working as an MD consultant at a COVID testing company. I’m able work part time and still make more money than when I was as a resident (it’s almost like residents are underpaid). While this is a temporary setup, it affords me the luxury to spend time pursuing passion projects, the first of which you are looking at!

I’ve always had multiple interests, most of which involved both creative and analytical thinking. This includes things like writing and performing music, math, programming, web development, and public health. I’m giving myself one year to continue to explore these options and pursue passion projects (assuming my current job still exists). If one of my passion projects turns into an actual job, that would be awesome. But more likely, if nothing sticks I’ll at least know I gave it a chance and I’ll start looking for a more stable job that still allows me to spend quality time at home.

So we’ll see how the next year goes! I’d like to continue creating tools to support residents and even ultimately help reform medical training, but I’d need to meet the right people first as I have no background in law or experience in reforming an antiquated institution. I would also LOVE to work on the obesity epidemic, but I have nothing unique to contribute at the moment. Just an MD in my pocket and a love for nutrition counseling in my heart.